Custard in Pittsburgh Since 1948

When Glen first opened his Cheswick, PA based frozen custard shop in 1948, he knew he had a great concept. Locals soon heard about Glen’s Custard and followed Glen’s when it moved in 1959 to its current location in Springdale. We have a long history in the Pittsburgh area, with more than 4 generations of business owners. Each have been taught the right way to run the business – with the right system, the right products and the right way to treat customers.

In 2001, we added mini-golf to the Springdale location and each year, the Mini-Masters Tournament draws in competitors from around the greater Pittsburgh area and beyond, some regular competitors come from as far away as California! This is an annual event enjoyed by all. In 2010, we expanded with a second company operation, located in Lower Burrell.

Now for March of 2016 we have added our GC Grill onto our Lower Burrell Location!! Now you can enjoy your Glen’s Frozen Custard with our wide selection of food items. We have something for every taste bud!

So, who is Glen?

Great question! Glen, Glen and Glenn (known as Rob) are the 3 generations ahead of Eli, Glenn’s son, who now runs the company with him.

Do you know that frozen custard is creamier and thicker than ice cream?

It has less air in it than ice cream and stays frozen longer! Want to know how to make it?

We’d love to teach you how. We also have our very own Glenwiches, Julie Bars, Tartans and frozen custard birthday cakes that help us “round out” our product line – giving our customers a wide variety of options whatever the occasion. We also change our feature flavors daily, making it even more enticing for our customers. They know that they can always enjoy something different knowing we use only the freshest, high quality ingredients – keeping it new, fresh and yes, frozen all season long.

Glen’s Custard: Where fresh and frozen mean good business.